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Your favorite kid is your literature teacher ~

Your favorite troll is your history teacher ~

Your patron troll is your math teacher ~

The troll with your favorite (blood) colour is your art teacher ~

Your favorite guardian is your P.E. teacher ~

Your favorite Midnight Crew member is your class teacher ~

Your favorite Felt member is your school nurse ~

Your favorite ancestor is your principal ~

How awesome is school to you now?

literature teacher: Jade ~ okay…? What will we be reading in THAT lessons, I’m curious…

history teacher: Equius ~ Interesting…?

math teacher: Vriska ~ Oh Dear…I’m sure she dices the marks out…

art teacher: Kanaya ~ Cool! =D

P.E. teacher: Bro ~ Even MORE COOL!

class teacher: Slick Spades ~ Ouh-Uh…that will be an unpleasent time with him…

school nurse: Sn0wman ~ …I’m scared.

principal: Summoner ~ Why not…?

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    Your favorite kid is your literature teacher ~ Roxy Your favorite troll is your history teacher ~ Gamzee Your patron...
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    Dave Strider is my literature teacher Terezi Pyrope is my history teacher Sollux Captor is my math teacher Nepeta...
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    Dave now teaches grammar.Cool.I’m sure that Mituna plus History equals nothing but A+’s!Eridan…I’m sure he’ll love...
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    Literature: I’ll go with Dave. Gamzee- oh fuck yes. Grand Highblood….. I am so royally fucked its funny Karkat….. Best...
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    Literature teacher = Dirk. Suddenly I feel like reading haiku. History teacher = Gamzee. Him as a teacher? That will be...
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    Literature teacher —>...teacher —> Terezi...Teacher —>...
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    Literature: Dave Tavros Vriska (fuck) Gamzee P.E.: Bro (FUCK) Class teacher: Clubs Deuce School Nurse: Biscuits Signless...
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    Literature Teacher- John History Teacher- Eridan Math Teacher- Kanaya Art Teacher- Vriska P.E Teacher- Bro Class...
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    literature teacher: Dave — Don Quixote just got a lot more interesting. history teacher: Karkat — Um, Mr. Vantas? I...
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    John Egbert is my Literature teacher. Gamzee is my History teacher. Tavros is my Math teacher. Sollux is my art teacher...
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    Literature- Jade History- Nepeta Math- Tavros Art- Kanaya P.E.- Bec Class Teacher- Clubs Dauce School Nurse- Clover...
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    Literature: Mr. D. Strider (teach me your ways dave) Mr. S. Captor (cue in me schoolgirl-crushing on attractive lispy...
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    Literature: Mr. J. Egbert Mr. S. Captor (because yeah Karkat’s already my math teacher :U) Mr. K. Vantas Ms. V. Serket...
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    Literature teacher: Dave Strider History teacher: Terezi Pyrope Math teacher: Terezi Pyrope Art teacher: Terezi Pyrope...
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    Lit teacher is Rose History teacher is Terezi Math teacher is Gamzee (THIS IS FUNNY TO ME OKAY) Art teacher is Feferi...